Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Made it to the Water!

Well this is the next chapter in the project.  Still quite a few projects to complete, but then again, I don't think you ever finish!

Here are some of the last projects I completed on the hard and some shots of the transport to the shipyard.

Here is the enclosure I built for the waste tank.  I still need to varnish it.

Here is the Coast Guard Documentation number attached to the nav station seat.

I installed the inverter/charger in the nav station seat storage area.  Its remote monitor is located just below the electrical panel.

Also installed the VHF radio.

Changed the name and added it to the stern.

On Thursday, I removed the fence and gates in preparation for the haul out.

Hauler showed up at 8:30 pm to take her away

and dropped it off at the Shipyard about an hour later.

On Friday morning, the Shipyard removed it from the trailer and set it on blocks so I could paint the bottom areas that I could not get to.

And then put in the water.

On Monday morning, I delivered it to the marina.  Unfortunately, I was running late for my appointment with the marina and had to motor the whole way.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last Push!!!

The boat gets hauled to the Shipyard this Friday, so I have taken the week off of work to get as much done as I can.

After work last week, I spent a couple of days painting the interior fiberglass white.  Mostly in the areas you can see when you walk in.  Perhaps this next week I will finish.  I added a piece of molding to the edge of the sole to finish it off.

The weekend prior, I added one coat of bottom paint and a second coat to the upper 2 feet.  I also installed a zink to both skegs and installed the rudders.

I also added the control lines to raise and lower the rudder.  I was able to get an eye splice on the rudder shown.  Then added a cam cleat above to hold the line to keep the rudder down or up.

I can't imagine the teleflex control cable ever breaking, but I decided that I wanted to add the capability of an emergency tiller.  So I drilled a hole in the rudder stock.

This will allow me to insert a 3/4" diameter aluminum tube to act as a tiller.  I did this to both rudders.

I also finished the bench seat at the arch.

On Saturday, I cut out the stern seats using some starboard and installed them on both sides.

In the head, I started framing the waste tank enclosure and will likely continue that this week.  I also did a little work to make sure my bilge pumps are working, since the marina will be checking that before they give me a slip.  

I also got a visit from the outboard mechanic.  He ended up resealing the lower unit.  Evidently when I pulled the lower units out to change the impellors, I busted the gear rod seal and water was mixing with the gear oil. Its always something!  

You can see from my To Do List, I will have a number of projects unaccomplished.  They will just have to wait until later. I am going to concentrate this week on items that will necessitate my power tools.  My next post will probably be after the boat is hauled.

To Do List:

1.  Install Gas Tank / Test Outboards
2.  Install Autohelm/VHF
3.  Install Sole  
4.  Finish Head Cabinetry / Toilet installation
5.  Install Trampoline
6.  Install Swim Deck
7.  Install Door
8.  Apply Bottom Paint / Touch up paint
9.  Final Coats of interior/exterior Varnish 
10.Install 110V wiring and Inverter/Charger.
11.Finish out Starboard Berth Area
12.Install refrigerator compressor.
13.Install LPG tank/hose

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cushions and Door

This weekend, I will be doing some touch up painting and applying the bottom paint, so not much to show in the way of pictures, so I thought I would update a couple of things since last weekend.

Since daylight savings time has arrived, I have been able to get some things done after work.  I was able to finish installing the door and hardware.  The window is an RV slider that opens down and has a screen for ventilation.

At some point, I think I will add some tint to the glass.

On Monday, my cushions were delivered.  this is 4" HR foam that is supposed to last 10 years.  The covering is a grained vinyl.

This shot shows the table leaf lowered to convert as a lounge/bed.  Each of the two cushions are joined in the middle that allow it to conform to the cubbies, just forward of the settee seats, where they are stored when not in use.

I ended up using a 2" piece of foam for the nav station seat, since the battery switch was in the way.  It is still pretty comfortable.

The upholsterer recommended sunbrella for the berth cushion coverings as opposed to vinyl.  I will buy some twin sized fitted sheets and hem them to conform to the shape.

This is the port aft berth.  The starboard side looks the same.

To Do List:

1.  Install Gas Tank / Test Outboards
2.  Install Instruments
3.  Install Sole  Partially complete
4.  Finish Head Cabinetry / Toilet installation
5.  Install Trampoline
6.  Install Swim Deck
7.  Install Door
8.  Apply Bottom Paint / Touch up paint
9.  Final Coats of interior/exterior Varnish 
10.Install 110V wiring and Inverter/Charger.
11.Finish out Starboard Berth Area
12.Install refrigerator compressor.
13.Install LPG tank/hose

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Haul Date is Set!

I have scheduled the haul date for April 11.  The boat will lay over at the shipyard over the weekend and I will sail the boat to Shoreline Marina, about an hour away on Monday, April 14.  I have been continually striking things off of my To Do list.

Last week, I laid a bead of Sikaflex caulk/adhesive between the teak rub rail and the deck, as well as the chain plates.

I also installed the trampoline.  The blue tape was laid to get a nice edge on the Sikaflex I just mentioned.

Here is a shot from a distance.

Last Sunday, I started building the swim step.  It is made of plastic lumber.

I used deck screws to fasten the pieces together, building it row by row.

This is the support structure. Three pieces serve as the ledger and are bolted into the hull.  The 2 stingers are screwed in place.  The left side is a lap joint and screwed to secure.  The right side was shaped to conform to the beam and a machine screw was used to attach.

Here is the finished product. If you stare at it long enough, you can see the arrow design point forward to build on the American Indian theme.

The middle piece will be stationary, while the two outside pieces will be removable in order to access the outboard props when they are raised.

The three pieces fit pretty good.  The only way to get them to fit tighter is if I had built it in one piece and then cut it into three pieces.  

I also noticed the the plastic lumber contracts and expands quite a bit.  During the day when it is hot, the fit is tight.  In the evening, the gap between the pieces widens a bit.

Today, I added clam shell vents to the underside of the hull at each of the scuppers.  This will limit the amount of sea water that tends to splash up the scupper and wets the cockpit.

Today, I also started installing the cabin door.  I will probably finish in the next few days, since day light savings time has given me more time to complete my projects.  I will add pictures on my next post. Next weekend will be devoted to touch up paint and bottom paint.  

Here is my To Do List:

1.  Install Gas Tank / Test Outboards
2.  Install Instruments
3.  Install Sole  Partially complete
4.  Finish Head Cabinetry / Toilet installation
5.  Install Trampoline
6.  Install Swim Deck
7.  Install Door
8.  Apply Bottom Paint / Touch up paint
9.  Final Coats of interior/exterior Varnish 
10.Install 110V wiring and Inverter/Charger.
11.Finish out Starboard Berth Area
12.Install refrigerator compressor.
13.Install LPG tank/tubing

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Zeroing in on Move Date

I have decided to pull the trigger and come up with a date to move the boat.  Right now, I am looking at the second week in April.  I just need to coordinate with Shipyard and Hauler.  I should be 98% done, with minor cosmetic stuff on the interior undone.

Last week, I re-installed the lower units to the outboards and decided to start them.  Both started and respond to the new Teleflex/Morse controller.  I really did not expect them to start without cleaning the carbs.  I have decided to call in an outboard mechanic to give them a once over while the boat is on the hard, just to be safe.  That is pretty much my last big unknown for launching the boat.

I also sanded and applied 2-coats of varnish on the teak rub rail. Got around to taping off the area adjacent to the deck so I could lay a nice bead of Sikaflex caulk, but was not able to lay the caulk due to rain.

I also made some more progress on installing the soles in the two hulls.  This is a shot of the head.  The sole is just dry fit for now.  I need to tweak the teak grate a bit that was installed by the previous owner.

This is a shot of the sole at the forward port berth. I installed another layer of plywood below as with the main cabin.  I need to cut out the hole in the lower piece of plywood and this will become an access point to the cavity below the sole.

Okay, this is upside down, but good enough.  This is the galley area.  I will have two access points.  The one to the right is where the bilge pump is located.

More work to do with the soles, but may get finished after launch.

This weekend it rained every day, so I had to time what I could do. While it rained, I installed the hardware back on the storage lids.

This is a shot of the masthead.  I added the block shown for the screcher/asym., in order to get the halyard above the forestay.  A few months ago, I purchased a tap an die set and it has come in handy for things such as this.  I guess I could have riveted it in place, but I am not confident in my rivets as a structural component.

This is a shot of the masthead topper installed.  I also wired the wind indicator and mast head light.

I also installed the 3-halyards and topping lift internal to the mast.

The various stays and halyards are ready for travel.

This is a photo of the base of the mast showing the lines and wires hanging.  I still need to install the exit plates, but again that is something that might fall victim to time and installed on the water.

A few weeks ago, I decided to learn how to do an eye splice, from a video on You Tube.  I am pretty pleased with my results.  I also used some wax thread to lock it in place.  Had to buy a leather palm and some good needles, though.

Well that's it for now.  Whittling down the To Do List. It will be a busy month of March. Hopefully day light savings time change will allow me to tackle some remaining items, but I will likely take a week off in April to get as much done as I can and prep for the move.

1.  Install Gas Tank / Test Outboards
2.  Install Instruments
3.  Install Sole  Partially complete
4.  Finish Head Cabinetry / Toilet installation
5.  Install Trampoline
6.  Install Swim Deck
7.  Apply Bottom Paint / Touch up paint
8.  Final Coats of interior/exterior Varnish
9.  Finish out Starboard Berth Area
10.Install 110V wiring and Inverter/Charger.
11.Install refrigerator compressor.
12.Install LPG tank/tubing

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Getting Close. More odds and ends

Buttoning up a few things.  Still working down my check list.  My last post was middle of January prior to taking a weekend off to visit my parents in Louisiana. 

My first weekend back I concentrated on reinstalling the headliner and lights.

This is the galley area.

and the starboard forward area.  Still have some finish trim work to do in there.

This is the starboard aft berth area.  The headliner has been trimmed since this photo was taken.

This is the port aft berth.  All trimmed out.

This is the head.  Still need to trim and decide what to do to hide the electrical wiring in the corner.

I also finally got around to wiring the navigation lights.

Last weekend, I decided to reinstall the gas tank.  I put the fuel line bulbs in the cavity in the stern.  They will be accessible from the cockpit so it is not necessary to lift the lids that are going to be over the outboards.

I also decided to change the impellers in the lower unit of the outboards.  I was successful, but in doing so, I removed the gear rod and could not put it back without removing the prop shaft.  They are now at the outboard mechanic!  When they get back, I will reinstall and try to start the outboards, although it is likely I will have to clean the carbs.

This weekend, I reinstalled the main cabin sole.  The sole was still a little spongy feeling, so I decided to add another piece of plywood below.  So now I have 2- 1/4" pieces of plywood glued together and that did the trick.

I could not have put a 1/2" piece of plywood without making a cut somewhere in order to install it.  There are too many obstacles.  As it is I had to bend the plywood to get it in in one piece.

This is the only place I have a join.

I filled the gap with epoxy and put a piece of pin stripe over the seam.  It will get 7-10 coats so the pin strip matches the color of the others.

I also started adding the base molding  Today, I also started putting the final coats of poly on the remaining pieces of sole.  So I will probably finish that tomorrow as well as finish up the base molding.

The helm station is coming together.  I added the C-Plath compass and Raymarine instruments.  The wind display is to port, and the Tri-Data display for speed, depth, and temperature is to starboard.  The display right above the ignitions is for the X-5 SmartPilot Autohelm.  Just need to add the rest of the pieces to make it operational.