Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Video Update

10,700 page views of this blog.  Amazing!

Still tweaking the rigging.  I had the furler installed last week and ordered a Genoa furling head sail. Going on vacation for a week, so hope to start doing some sailing soon!

Here is a photo of the skateboard bushings I used to protect the deck from getting damaged when the boards are raised.

This is the ProFurl furler I bought from a sailor on Cruiser's Forum about a year ago.

I hired a rigger to install it and tune the rest of the standing rigging.  I paid about $400, which was well worth it!

Thankfully the kit came with extensions that were necessary to raise the drum above the pulpit.  I installed stanchion blocks and fair leads to lead the line back to the helm.

Here is a short video of the inside of the cabin.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Outboards Now Working (Keep Fingers Crossed)

Last week, I removed the carb from the port outboard and cleaned it again.  This time I was able to do a better job with the jet that was hidden below the plastic cap.  Outboard started right up.  On Friday, I took the boat out around the marina and filled up with gasoline.  Both outboards ran effortlessly so now I am feeling more confident.  I practiced getting in an out of the slip and even performing pirouettes by putting one throttle in forward and the other in reverse.

Still adjusting the hoses in the head.  I have a very small leak that I need to solve.

Meeting lots of nice people in the marina, without fail, everyone who has passed by the boat has complimented "Got Twins?".  Makes it worth the 2-year project!

On Saturday, I went up the mast to release my spinnaker halyard that was stuck since the day the mast was stepped.  I also put the Davis wind indicator back, that was removed when the mast was stepped.

The trip up the mast was done solo using my Top Climber.  I used a tether to wrap around the mast as some sort of safety feature.

Here is the view of the marina from the top of the mast.

On Saturday I also flew 3 of the jibs that came with the boat.  The first is a No. 1 jib that only reaches 75% of the way up the forestay.  The other 2 are genoas, one perhaps original and the other is made of mylar, which is not very friendly when trying to stow.  In the near future I will be installing a Pro Furler and I don't think any of the 3 will be useable.  Still trying to tweak the self tacking jib rigging.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rigging Tweaking

Spent most of yesterday, trying to get my port outboard to run properly.  I cleaned the carb, which gave some positive results, but I am still not happy with its performance.  I will continue to fiddle around with it before I call in a professional.  Took care of a few rigging matters as well.

I installed 2 stanchion fairleads (left side of picture) to keep the side board line tidy and off the deck.

Playing around with the main sheet purchase and leading it forward.

Here is the forward boom location showing the main sheet and other rigging.  The topping lift (black) and the main halyard (blue flakes) need to be switched at the exit plates.  It works okay so it is a low priority project.  I just don't care for the criss cross.

The main sail is about 6" too long. So I took it home and cut the top off.  I then sandwiched the sail between 2 pieces of poly carbonate and temporarily glued it with some gorilla glue.  I will place some aluminum rivets around the perimeter and then drill a hole for the halyard and another for the sail slug.

I decided to document the water line location.  The storage locker has a couple of things in it, but not too heavy.  Right now both the rudder box and raised rudder are submerged just under an inch.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Inaugural Sail

Took Got Twins? out for a sail on Sunday.  Still need to work out some kinks.  The main sail needs to be cut about 6" as the there is no room to pull the boom straight down.  I also used the No. 1 Jib that came with the boat and tried to rig it to the self tacking track.  It is cut too high so it would not tack much past center.  Even with those issues, I was able to achieve 5 knots.  Here is a short video.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Made it to the Water!

Well this is the next chapter in the project.  Still quite a few projects to complete, but then again, I don't think you ever finish!

Here are some of the last projects I completed on the hard and some shots of the transport to the shipyard.

Here is the enclosure I built for the waste tank.  I still need to varnish it.

Here is the Coast Guard Documentation number attached to the nav station seat.

I installed the inverter/charger in the nav station seat storage area.  Its remote monitor is located just below the electrical panel.

Also installed the VHF radio.

Changed the name and added it to the stern.

On Thursday, I removed the fence and gates in preparation for the haul out.

Hauler showed up at 8:30 pm to take her away

and dropped it off at the Shipyard about an hour later.

On Friday morning, the Shipyard removed it from the trailer and set it on blocks so I could paint the bottom areas that I could not get to.

And then put in the water.

On Monday morning, I delivered it to the marina.  Unfortunately, I was running late for my appointment with the marina and had to motor the whole way.

ewe 0

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last Push!!!

The boat gets hauled to the Shipyard this Friday, so I have taken the week off of work to get as much done as I can.

After work last week, I spent a couple of days painting the interior fiberglass white.  Mostly in the areas you can see when you walk in.  Perhaps this next week I will finish.  I added a piece of molding to the edge of the sole to finish it off.

The weekend prior, I added one coat of bottom paint and a second coat to the upper 2 feet.  I also installed a zink to both skegs and installed the rudders.

I also added the control lines to raise and lower the rudder.  I was able to get an eye splice on the rudder shown.  Then added a cam cleat above to hold the line to keep the rudder down or up.

I can't imagine the teleflex control cable ever breaking, but I decided that I wanted to add the capability of an emergency tiller.  So I drilled a hole in the rudder stock.

This will allow me to insert a 3/4" diameter aluminum tube to act as a tiller.  I did this to both rudders.

I also finished the bench seat at the arch.

On Saturday, I cut out the stern seats using some starboard and installed them on both sides.

In the head, I started framing the waste tank enclosure and will likely continue that this week.  I also did a little work to make sure my bilge pumps are working, since the marina will be checking that before they give me a slip.  

I also got a visit from the outboard mechanic.  He ended up resealing the lower unit.  Evidently when I pulled the lower units out to change the impellors, I busted the gear rod seal and water was mixing with the gear oil. Its always something!  

You can see from my To Do List, I will have a number of projects unaccomplished.  They will just have to wait until later. I am going to concentrate this week on items that will necessitate my power tools.  My next post will probably be after the boat is hauled.

To Do List:

1.  Install Gas Tank / Test Outboards
2.  Install Autohelm/VHF
3.  Install Sole  
4.  Finish Head Cabinetry / Toilet installation
5.  Install Trampoline
6.  Install Swim Deck
7.  Install Door
8.  Apply Bottom Paint / Touch up paint
9.  Final Coats of interior/exterior Varnish 
10.Install 110V wiring and Inverter/Charger.
11.Finish out Starboard Berth Area
12.Install refrigerator compressor.
13.Install LPG tank/hose

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cushions and Door

This weekend, I will be doing some touch up painting and applying the bottom paint, so not much to show in the way of pictures, so I thought I would update a couple of things since last weekend.

Since daylight savings time has arrived, I have been able to get some things done after work.  I was able to finish installing the door and hardware.  The window is an RV slider that opens down and has a screen for ventilation.

At some point, I think I will add some tint to the glass.

On Monday, my cushions were delivered.  this is 4" HR foam that is supposed to last 10 years.  The covering is a grained vinyl.

This shot shows the table leaf lowered to convert as a lounge/bed.  Each of the two cushions are joined in the middle that allow it to conform to the cubbies, just forward of the settee seats, where they are stored when not in use.

I ended up using a 2" piece of foam for the nav station seat, since the battery switch was in the way.  It is still pretty comfortable.

The upholsterer recommended sunbrella for the berth cushion coverings as opposed to vinyl.  I will buy some twin sized fitted sheets and hem them to conform to the shape.

This is the port aft berth.  The starboard side looks the same.

To Do List:

1.  Install Gas Tank / Test Outboards
2.  Install Instruments
3.  Install Sole  Partially complete
4.  Finish Head Cabinetry / Toilet installation
5.  Install Trampoline
6.  Install Swim Deck
7.  Install Door
8.  Apply Bottom Paint / Touch up paint
9.  Final Coats of interior/exterior Varnish 
10.Install 110V wiring and Inverter/Charger.
11.Finish out Starboard Berth Area
12.Install refrigerator compressor.
13.Install LPG tank/hose