Saturday, February 7, 2015

Computer / TV Mounted

This week I purchased a used Sony Vaio AIO computer to mount in the cabin.  It has a integrated TV tuner, so I will see if I can pick ups some over the air HDTV channels.

I installed a heavy duty tv mount that articulates in every direction and a dedicated outlet next to it. The mount is screwed into the wood stock aft of the bulkhead between the galley and the berth.

This shows the AIO mounted with the chart plotter sung out.

Same thing with the chart plotter swung behind.

This position, lets me view from the cockpit!

Not sure I will be able to do anything about the glare during the day, but might be cool for evening movie?

This is just a short video I posted recently.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Outboards OK (Knock on wood) and Misc.

Today was the 3rd weekend in a row that my outboards have started and stayed that way!  I think that is behind me and looking forward to getting out more often.  In the last few weeks I have been tending to some minor stuff.

Last week I went up the mast to retrieve the masthead wind transducer and the anchor light.  I was not getting any readings on the wind display.  After testing the voltage drops, I was about to send the transducer and display in for repair, but I decided to try and rewire and calibrate.  It worked! Saved a bunch of money and now it is working.  Next step is to network the displays with the newer i70 autohelm and E80 chartplotter, which I believe are NMEA 0183, NG, and Seatalk respectively.

I bought the teak binoculars holder used and mounted it below the magazine rack as shown.

Now that the wind tranducer is working, I can close up this box. I decided to add a new cabin light under neath.

And added molding  Cleans it up nicely!

Till next time!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Outboard Problem Solved??????

After having the outboards gone through by the marine mechanic, and re-installing them, I was still having issues.  I finally decided to scrap fuel tank and hoses.  Today I replaced the 24 gallon tank with a 6 gallon tank and new hoses.

This is what I found when I started draining the 10 micron fuel filter.  It didn't look like this when the filter was full.  I don't know if this is fuel water separation of phase separation.  You can also see some "crud" in the lower right corner. I would have thought that the 10 micron filter coupled with the outboard filter would "catch" all of the solids.  When I would open my carb, I usually found a congealed substance.  I think the fuel has been my issue all along.  Time will tell!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Line Bags and Radar

I finally got around to installing my radar and finished my last canvas project.  Outboards are still an issue :(  I think it has to do with the fuel.  I pulled both carbs today and found some emulsified gas at the bottom of both.  I did get out for a sail last weekend, but had to sail back into the slip since both outboards quit on me.

Here is the pattern for my line bags. I used every last bit of sunbrella I had left from the stak pak project!

I used this material for the back of the bags.  It is more of a vinyl material that should repel water.

I bought this "ribbon" from Joanne Fabrics to use for the bottom to let water drain from the bag.

Here is the finished bag showing the bottom.

I used snaps to hold it in place.  The port side only has 2 lines to hold, so I am using the smaller pocket to hold the winch handle.

Here is the starboard side.  I have a lot more line here, but it all fits, but I need to reduce the amount of main sheet line.

I located my radar/chartplotter so I can swing it out to the opened window when under way.

Here is a shot of the radar scanner on the arch.  BTW, the stak pak works pretty good.  I need to work on the slug gate.  Some of the slugs are getting hung up when I raise and lower the main sail.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Canvas Projects Continued

I finally got around to finishing several canvas projects and installing them.  I also got my outboards back and installed, so hope to get some time on the water now!

This is the bimini.  Shown is the "bolt rope" and the awning trim it will go through.

On the other end, I created a pocket to accept a piece of shock cord pole I had laying around.  This side will get strapped to the radar arch.

The shock cord pole comes apart at two locations so I can fold and stow away the bimini when not in use.

Like so!

Here is the awning trim attached to the cabin roof, afixed with SS screws.

The aft end is secured with 4 adjustable straps.

Here is the helm station cover.  My next canvas project is to make bags for all of those lines hanging on the winches!

On to the stak pak.  The stak pak is 11 feet long.  I used PVC pipe for the battens, but it comes in 10' lengths.  I used a pop up irrigation extender as a coupling to add an additional 1 foot to the pipe.

Here is the finished stak pak with the lazy jacks.  I need to do a test run before I make the final adjustments.  the back of the stak pak is being held up by tying a piece of line around the topping lift.

I secured the bottom of the stak pak to the boom with these twisty thingys!  I opted to rivet them in place.

One non related item was the purchase of these stanchion cleats for my side board and furler line.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stak Pak and other Covers

I have just about completed some of my sunbrella cover projects. Still waiting for my outboards to get fixed, but I have a few projects at home that I need to finish anyway.

The stak pak is pretty much done.  I just need to buy some 1/2" pvc to put in the pockets.

On Saturday, I attached these foot blocks to the mast for the lazy jack system.  I am going to rig the lazy jack so I can pull it to the mast when I raise the main.  The blocks are located about 4 feet above the shrouds.  It was a comfortable spot for me to work on this.

I also fashioned these eye splices instead of blocks for the other lazy jack lines to pass through.  I will have 3 attachment points as well as fore and aft of the stack pak.

This is the "bimini" that will go between the cabin roof and the radar arch.  You can see the curve that will match the cabin roof.  I purchased a bolt track and bolt fabric to attach this to the roof.  I will use straps to attach it to the radar arch.

This is the pieces for the helm station cover.  I actually finished sewing it tonight, but I need to attach the piece that will cover the outboard controls.

Thats it for now!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lifelines and Stak Pak

I finally got fed up with my outboards and removed them from the boat and took them to an outboard repair shop.  Hope to hear back from them in the next few days.  In the mean time, I decided to tackle a couple of projects.

I decided to install the lifelines.  I used dyneema line with pelican hooks.  Had to learn how to tie a brummel eye.

I used turnbucles at the forward connection, to allow for tightening the line.

A full shot from the other side. Takes away from the lines of the boat, but safety first!

One more project to check off the list.

I also started on my Stak Pak.  I am using the free video on Sail Rite web site as a guide.

Here are the two pieces cut and ready for hemming.

Here is my set up.  Using the pool table to lay out the material.  I am using an older Singer model 237. Learned how to sew on Youtube!

My stitch looks decent on one side, but not so good on the other.

This is the other side. I can't get the tension right, so it will have to do!

I had a visit from an Iroquois brother today.  Chris Cutou from Massachusetts was in So Cal and got to show him around Got Twins!  I just wish we could have gone out for a sail.  Next time!