Friday, December 16, 2016


Thanks to one of my friends in Television Production for putting this video together.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Lido 14 is Done

Boat projects always take longer than you think.  I finished restoring the Lido 14 that I purchased a couple of months ago.  Here are some before and after photos.











Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Project

This week I said goodbye to my beautiful 9' sailing dinghy.  Found a new home in Washington State.



With the proceeds, I purchased a 14' Lido.  It has new running and standing rigging, so I will just spend a few weeks giving it a new paint job.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Head Vanity

I finally got around to posting some pictures of my recently completed vanity in the head.  These pictures probably span about a 4 month period.  A project that I basically fit in when I could.

I started off with fiber-glassing in a backing block for the foot pump.

This jug catches grey water to be used to flush the toilet periodically.  The overflow goes out of the thru-hull that is locate behind the jug.  The hose coming from below is from the sump pump.  I drew arrows on the hoses to help understand.

A different angle.

Full view of vanity prior to adding front.

This is a template I used prior to transferring to teak veneer plywood.

After the plywood was cut into doors and varnished.

Finished product.  Now to add the 110V outlet.

Friday, April 17, 2015

I have Curtains!

I decided to tint my windows and add curtains.  I was going to do the tint myself, but decided to hire a professional.  The curtains I decided to make!

For reference, this is before tinting the windows.

This is after.  Looks updated!

This is during installation.  You can see the difference as he is working on the last pane.

Here are the curtains installed.

It was tricky trying to figure out how to mount these.  I wanted to mount the "tracks" to the frame since the fiberglass is not that thick.

For the top, I used a standard curtain track screwed into the window frame.

For the bottom, I fabricated a piece of flat aluminum bar and attached on either end of the frame.  The bottom of the curtain has to float, because the curtains are not parallel.

This is the backside of the curtain and shows the top slides and how the bottom of the curtain is attached to the lower aluminum bar.

Experimenting with my fish eye lens for my iphone.

Today I added to faucets.  The one on the left is for fresh water and is operated by a foot pump that is barely visible below.  That one is operational. The faucet on the right is for seawater and will be operated by a Shurflo pump since there is no need to ration.  Still need to hook up the pump and connect to the thru hull valve that is just forward in the locker.  I am planning on tee-ing the feed off to provide for a washdown hose for the deck.

I finally cleared out the starboard aft berth and added bedding.

My next major project is to put the vanity in the head and connect the water there as well.

Thats it for now!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Computer / TV Mounted

This week I purchased a used Sony Vaio AIO computer to mount in the cabin.  It has a integrated TV tuner, so I will see if I can pick ups some over the air HDTV channels.

I installed a heavy duty tv mount that articulates in every direction and a dedicated outlet next to it. The mount is screwed into the wood stock aft of the bulkhead between the galley and the berth.

This shows the AIO mounted with the chart plotter sung out.

Same thing with the chart plotter swung behind.

This position, lets me view from the cockpit!

Not sure I will be able to do anything about the glare during the day, but might be cool for evening movie?

This is just a short video I posted recently.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Outboards OK (Knock on wood) and Misc.

Today was the 3rd weekend in a row that my outboards have started and stayed that way!  I think that is behind me and looking forward to getting out more often.  In the last few weeks I have been tending to some minor stuff.

Last week I went up the mast to retrieve the masthead wind transducer and the anchor light.  I was not getting any readings on the wind display.  After testing the voltage drops, I was about to send the transducer and display in for repair, but I decided to try and rewire and calibrate.  It worked! Saved a bunch of money and now it is working.  Next step is to network the displays with the newer i70 autohelm and E80 chartplotter, which I believe are NMEA 0183, NG, and Seatalk respectively.

I bought the teak binoculars holder used and mounted it below the magazine rack as shown.

Now that the wind tranducer is working, I can close up this box. I decided to add a new cabin light under neath.

And added molding  Cleans it up nicely!

Till next time!